“What is this?” my daughter asked.

When I saw the neon yellow lollipop in her hand, I knew what it was immediately. That lollipop was stuck in the door compartment of my car for at least two years. I don’t know why, but I felt such excitement. “It finally came out!” I cheered.  I admit that I didn’t try too hard to get the lollipop. Honestly, I felt it was the responsibility of the people who sit in the back seat of my car (they know who they are). If they were willing to live with it, so was I. I was really happy that my daughter did the dirty work for me.

My son, the former owner of the lollipop, had the nerve to inform me that it was actually a giant sweet tart and not a lollipop. Thanks, honey! I can understand why he would want to abandon a giant day-glo sweet tart, but he didn’t have to do it in my car. Since the deed happened so long ago, there was no sense in belaboring it. But, seeing my joy in the discovery, my son got crazy silly. He announced it was time for Car Seat Treasure Hunt. Each opponent had to close their eyes and sift their fingers in the seats and doors of my car. It was great fun, and as a bonus, they were cleaning my car (sort of). What more could I ask for? Of course, as I write this I realize that they left their treasures in the back seat. Yay team! More fun tomorrow.  I do plan on washing my car sometime soon, honestly. But, it’s February and we might get snow. If I wash it now, I practically guarantee that there will be snow so I should probably hold off until March, or maybe April.