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This is a website for people who love to read, learn, and explore. I am a writer, teacher, geologist, and parent. I write science fiction for kids. As a writer, I want to take kids on fantastic adventures like the character in my latest novel, Aurora of Mars.

Please join me on Field Trips where I visit places around the Delaware Valley that have unique geology, history, or natural features. If you have any suggestions, use my contact form. I would love to know about other places families could visit. I will update this page monthly.

My Blog is a journal about my observations on life and the world around me. It will be updated weekly.




About the Author

T.E. Whitesell has been creating stories about imaginary worlds since childhood. She’s trained as a scientist but now writes science fiction for children.

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It’s Field Trip Time!

If your family needs a change of pace, try one of our family’s field trips. They’ve been road-tested by our kids, cub scout pack, and students. Being geologists we like to visit places with cool rocks, interesting animals or unique history.

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